Description Amount Sales Begin Active Expires
Last updated 10/26/2020 09:38 PM
Commuting Student Hangtag $520.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Faculty Hang -tag F2 $650.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Faculty Hang-tag F1 $615.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Handicapped $0.00 Not Online Today 08/31/2021
Motorcycle as second vehicle $60.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Motorcycle Permit $350.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Reserved All Hours $1300.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Resident Student Hangtag $575.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Staff Hang-tag S1 $420.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Staff Hang-tag S2 $500.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Staff Hang-tag S3 $550.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Staff Hang-tag S4 $600.00 Available Today 08/31/2021
Code Description Amount
1A Parking with no permit $40.00
1F Parked in Reserved/Handicapped/Fire Zone $100.00
1G Parking in a no parking area $30.00
1H Parking in a restricted area $40.00
5A Parking at expired meter $10.00
1A1 Parking w/ no permit-Bring ticket & permit to office in 5 days to void $40.00
1B Fraudulent registration $1000.00
1C Parking too far from curb $20.00
1D Failure to obey an officer $75.00
1E Leaving accident scene $25.00
1G1 Parking beyond time limit in Loading/Unloading Zone $30.00
1I Possession/misuse of traffic property $75.00
1J Failure to stop at crosswalk $30.00
1K Riding prohibited bicycles…etc in garage $150.00
1L Tulane/sanctioned vehicles parked in res $30.00
1M Failure to move vehicle for all home gam $40.00
1R 1R $35.00
1W Warning (Parking Violation) $0.00
2A Fail/improper display of permit $10.00
2C Motorcycle/vehicle in wrong parking spac $20.00
2D Parking across lines of a designated parking space $20.00
2E Parked across diagonal lines $20.00
2F No valid license $50.00
2G Unauthorized possession/use $1000.00
2G1 Altered Scratch-Off/Temporary pass $250.00
2H New Orleans/LA/Other violations $30.00
2I Failure to use cart path $30.00
2J Failure to use safety devices $30.00
2K Failure to use night lighting equipment $30.00
2L Passenger violation $100.00
2M Parking in a non-designated space $20.00
2N No current driver’s license on person $55.00
2O Unauthorized use of carts $30.00
2P Failure to obey an officer $75.00
3A Blocking the sidewalk/dumpster/traffic $25.00
3B Reckless driving $100.00
3D Failure to come to a complete stop $30.00
3E Driving/Parking against traffic $30.00
3F Crossing a solid line/illegal U-turn $20.00
3G Disregarding/moving a traffic barricade $75.00
4A Immobilization citation $100.00
4B Immobilization Fee $100.00
4D Game Day Towing $100.00
6A No Bicycle License Displayed $10.00
6B All Other Bicycle Violations $20.00
6D Impoundment/Immobilization $20.00
6E Storage Fee $0.00
C1 Speeding (0-10mph over limit) $30.00
C2 Speeding (11-20mph over limit) $40.00
C3 Speeding (21-30mph over limit) $50.00
C4 Speeding (31-40+ over limit) $75.00
Fee costs are not available at this time
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